Divorce Modification:

During the course of several years of being back and forth in the “system” trying to fight for time to see my son was agonizing and stressful in so many ways. Being a good parent or person won’t matter when it comes time to exercise your rights as a parent. Being emotionally connected to a case that involves family and especially children, it’s very hard to keep track of so many things that have took place that you want as a client to be kept in mind.

My journey started over six years ago. Nobody ever intends on being on the other side of having to fight to see your child. Four court appearances, two lawyers, and a mediation later, I found myself sitting right back at square one. I was just wanting to see my child and to have them grow up with the rest of his family. Word of mouth works a lot when you want something, but when you need something and you need it quickly for your family’s sake, sometimes all you have is research online.

Long story short, I found success stories online and looked for solid representation that would have a razor-sharp mind and help juggle the balance of taking my case and keeping me up to date. The hurdles I thought were hurdles were actually just experience putting pen to paper after learning everything about my case and where things stood.
The same attorney continued to come across my list of prospected lawyers to hire. After already making plans for a meeting with another attorney, I honored my word to show up for the consultation. Turns out that office couldn’t take my case at that time but recommended another attorney. Well what do you know, the attorney they recommended was on my list that I made after setting the original meeting with the other office.

So I contacted Alabama Family Law Group’s office and talked with an attorney about my case. It was very emotional, I was spent after telling my story to the attorney. After some dialogue took place, I asked where to pay and the next day it was paid. That burden and cloud were lifted from my shoulders.

After that, things moved so fast I couldn’t keep up because I just wasn’t used to that type of efficiency and speed. It blew me away. Now I knew I could concentrate on working and living. The next thing I know, we’re in mediation and all of my questions were answered before I had a chance or need to ask them. Everything about this firm was great! Kick myself for not expanding out and looking for their services earlier.

If you’re reading this and you’re to the point of being so emotional or sick, I’ve been there with you. Do yourself a favor and call this office and get that burden lifted off of you! They will get the ball rolling and be your voice so you can get back to living your life. Good luck to you. Thanks again all of you!! You’re family now.

Bill Lapradd Huntsville, Alabama

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Charlotte Christian did an outstanding job handling my complicated divorce. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Knowledgeable and professional attorney providing exceptional service.

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