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Huntsville, Alabama Child Support LawyerDiscussions between divorcing parents or ex-spouses about child support are among the most contentious conversations you can have. For most parents, concern for their children’s wellbeing remains top of mind during a divorce, especially when parents foresee rising expenses along with the children’s age and realize they will have to support them out of two separate household budgets.

Very often I receive the following requests from divorcing clients: “Can’t I just pay for my kids’ stuff directly without giving my ex-wife the money?” and “I want an accounting of everything she/he spends the money on that I send each month.” What I tell them is that such demands are neither practical nor possible. 

A court will assume the spouse receiving money for their children’s benefit will spend it as the paying spouse intends — on housing, a vehicle for the kids to ride in, gas for said vehicle, food, electricity, water, and so forth. The goal of a Huntsville, Alabama child support lawyer is, therefore, to come up with an amount of child support that meets those needs, and no more or less. That way, both spouses walk away feeling whole and are less likely to argue about who’s paying or receiving money for what and where the money goes. 

If you are beginning the divorce process and first entering discussions about child support, or you are contesting your current child support agreement, our Huntsville, Alabama child support lawyers can assist you. We have helped countless clients obtain favorable child support rulings via negotiation, mediation, and, if necessary, litigation.

What Your Huntsville, Alabama Child Support Lawyer May Include in Your Child Support Agreement

Now that you have decided to divorce, as a loving parent, it is natural that you will only want what is best for your children. That will include you making financial arrangements to cover the necessities in your child’s life, including a clean and safe place to live, food, and clothing. You will also need to cover healthcare and educational expenses. These can add up quickly and become unaffordable if you fail to plan now. Fortunately, our child support lawyers in our Huntsville, Alabama office can help.

Child Support Agreement Modification in Huntsville, Alabama

Sometimes parents may seek to have your current child support agreement modified due to a change in financial circumstances or a prior unfair judgment. If you feel you are paying too much in child support or not receiving enough, our team of compassionate child support lawyers can advocate on your behalf to ensure your new agreement meets your and your child’s needs. We are here to listen and help. 

Contact our team of child support lawyers located conveniently in our Huntsville, Alabama office today. 

What Your Huntsville, Alabama Child Support Lawyer Can Include in Your Child Support Agreement

Entering discussions with your spouse about child support can bring emotions to a head during a divorce. In general, decisions concerning child custody, visitation, and who pays for what and when are hot-button issues that can quickly spiral out of control. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to understand what a Huntsville, Alabama child support lawyer or a court will consider when making child support decisions for your children. They are:

  • How many children are in the family
  • What the monthly income of the parents is
  • How much the children’s daycare expenses are
  • The cost of the family’s health insurance
  • How much time each parent will spend with the children as per their custody and visitation agreement

Our Huntsville, Alabama, child support lawyers have vast experience crafting child support arrangements that are both fair and equitable for both spouses. Our skillfully crafted agreements can adequately protect your children and help ensure they will be well cared for now and in the years following your divorce. The child support lawyers in our Huntsville, Alabama office are here to listen and assist you.

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We know how emotionally trying child support issues can be and are here to guide you through all of the twists and turns the divorce process can bring in any way we can. Our Huntsville, Alabama team of child support lawyers are compassionate yet strong and know what it takes to get you the child support arrangement you need to carry you through your divorce and beyond. 

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